Derek Lipp Net Worth: Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Social Media


Have you ever wondered how some people become famous on the internet? Let’s talk about Derek Lipp, a guy who’s made it big on social media.


He’s funny and creative, and lots of people love watching his videos.

In this article, we’ll learn all about Derek – how he got started, what he does, and how much money he’s made from being an internet star.

Derek Lipp Net Worth: Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Social Media

Derek Lipp Net Worth



Who is Derek Lipp?

Derek Lipp is a social media star from the United States. He’s best known for making funny videos on apps like Vine (which isn’t around anymore) and TikTok.

Derek was born on August 12, 1990, which makes him 33 years old in 2023. He’s from a small town called Bedford in Michigan.

Derek Lipp Net Worth

People often wonder how much money social media stars make. For Derek Lipp, it’s quite a lot! As of 2023, experts think Derek’s net worth is between $1 million and $5 million. That’s a lot of money, right?

But how did he make all this money? Well, Derek doesn’t just rely on one thing.


He makes money from:

  • Making videos on TikTok
  • Selling his products
  • Working with brands (this is called sponsorship)
  • Advertising on his social media accounts
  • Making music

It’s important to remember that we don’t know exactly how much Derek makes. The amount can change based on how popular he is and what kind of work he does.

Derek Lipp’s Journey to Fame

Early Life and Education

Derek grew up in Bedford, Michigan. He was just a regular kid who loved to make people laugh. After high school, he went to Monroe County Community College in Michigan. But Derek had big music dreams, so he also studied at Berklee College of Music.

At Berklee, Derek learned a lot about making music. He studied things like:

  • How to write songs.
  • How to use computers to make music.
  • How to record different instruments.

This education helped Derek later when he started making his music.

Modeling Dreams

When Derek was young, he wanted to be a model. He loved the idea of being in front of cameras and having his picture taken. This early interest in being in the spotlight probably helped him later when he started making videos for social media.

The Big Break: Vine

Derek’s road to fame started in 2013 on an app called Vine. Vine was a place where people could post short, 6-second videos.

Derek and his friend Kevin Vincent made funny videos together. They called themselves “2 Guys No Lives.”


People loved their videos! Derek also had his own Vine account where he posted videos by himself.

Before Vine shut down in 2017, Derek had over 1.6 million followers. That’s a lot of people who liked his videos!

Moving to TikTok

When Vine closed, Derek didn’t give up. He moved to a new app called TikTok. On TikTok, Derek kept making funny videos. He often includes:

  • His son
  • His dog
  • His friends
  • Funny things that happen in his daily life

Check all official social media pages of Derek Lipp.


Derek’s videos on TikTok became even more popular than his Vine videos. By 2023, he had over 7 million followers on TikTok!

What Makes Derek Special?

You might be wondering, “Why do so many people like Derek’s videos?” Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. He’s really funny: Derek knows how to make people laugh.
  2. He’s original: He comes up with new ideas for videos all the time.
  3. He’s relatable: Many of his videos are about everyday things that everyone experiences.
  4. He works hard: Making good videos takes a lot of time and effort.

Derek also works with other famous TikTok stars sometimes. He’s made videos with people like Esa Fung, Alex Wassabi, and Hannah Stocking.

Derek Lipp’s Personal Life

Even though Derek shares a lot on social media, he likes to keep some things private. Here’s what we know about his personal life:

  • Family: Derek has a younger brother named Dylan who also makes videos on social media. He also has a sister named Danielle who is a nurse.
  • Relationships: Derek used to be married to a woman named Sarah. But they got divorced, and as of 2023, Derek is single.
  • Son: Derek has a son named Dawson. Dawson sometimes appears in Derek’s videos.

Derek’s Social Media Presence

Derek is active on several social media platforms. Let’s look at where you can find him:

  1. TikTok: This is where Derek is most popular. He has over 7.7 million followers on TikTok.
  2. Instagram: Derek has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram. He posts photos and behind-the-scenes content here.
  3. YouTube: Derek also has a YouTube channel where he posts longer videos.

Derek Lipp Facts

Here’s a quick table of interesting facts about Derek Lipp:

Fact Information
Full Name Derek Lipp
Birthday August 12, 1990
Birthplace Bedford, Michigan, USA
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 75 kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Profession Social Media Star, YouTuber, Entrepreneur
Net Worth (2023) $1-5 million

Derek’s Future Plans

The world of social media is always changing. To stay popular, Derek needs to keep up with these changes. In the future, he might:

  • Try new types of videos
  • Start using new social media apps
  • Maybe even try acting or being on TV

No matter what he does, Derek will probably keep making people laugh with his funny videos.


How does Derek compare to Other Influencers?

There are lots of people who are famous on social media. How does Derek compare to them? Well, it’s hard to say exactly. Every influencer is different.

Some things that make Derek stand out are:

  • His sense of humor
  • How long he’s been making videos (since the Vine days)
  • His ability to stay popular even when social media apps change

FAQs about Derek Lipp

  • How old is Derek Lipp?

Derek was born on August 12, 1990, so he is 33 years old in 2023.

  • Where is Derek Lipp from?

Derek is from Bedford, Michigan, in the United States.

  • How much money does Derek Lipp make?

While we don’t know exactly, experts estimate his net worth is between $1 million and $5 million.

  • Is Derek Lipp married?

Derek was married before, but as of 2023, he is single.

  • Does Derek Lipp have kids?

Yes, Derek has a son named Dawson.

  • What is Derek Lipp famous for?

Derek is famous for his funny videos on social media, especially on TikTok.

  • How many followers does Derek Lipp have on TikTok?

As of 2023, Derek has over 7.7 million followers on TikTok.

  • What did Derek Lipp study in college?

Derek studied at Monroe County Community College and then studied music at Berklee College of Music.

  • Does Derek Lipp have siblings?

Yes, Derek has a younger brother named Dylan and a sister named Danielle.

  • What was Derek Lipp’s first social media platform?

Derek first became famous on Vine, an app that no longer exists.


Remember, the world of social media is always changing, and so are the lives of the people who are famous on it. Derek Lipp’s story is still being written, and it will be exciting to see what he does next!

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Derek Lipp’s story shows us how someone can turn their love of making people laugh into a successful career.


From a small town in Michigan to millions of followers online, Derek has come a long way.

His journey reminds us that with hard work, creativity, and a bit of luck, you can achieve your dreams – even if those dreams involve making silly videos on the internet!

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