Kingdom Of The Planet Of the Apes Movie Review


Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes”!


This movie is the 10th film in the long-running “Planet of the Apes” series. Can you believe it? The franchise has been around since way back in 1968! That’s a long time.

Over the years, the “Apes” movies have been super lucky to have many talented people working on them.

This has helped keep the quality high, especially in the more recent films.


Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes Movie Review 2024

Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes Movie Review


“Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” is no exception – it’s just as awesome as the last few movies in the series.

Quick Facts About the Movie

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at some key details about “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes”:

Detail Info
Star Cast Owen Teague, Freya Allan, Kevin Durand, Peter Macon, William H. Macy
Director Wes Ball
What’s Good Amazing visual effects, seeing the CGI apes is still impressive
What’s Bad It’s a long movie, which some people might not like
Bathroom Break? You could go during the first act, but better not to
Worth Watching? Absolutely! It’s rare for the 10th movie in a series to be this good
Language English (has subtitles)
Where to Watch Only in movie theaters
Runtime 145 minutes (that’s almost 2 and a half hours!)

The Story

So what’s the deal with the story in this movie? Well, it takes place a whopping 300 years after the last film, “War for the Planet of the Apes”. That movie showed the final adventure of the ape leader Caesar.


Even though it’s been 300 years, Caesar is still a big deal in this movie. The apes talk about him kind of like how humans today talk about important figures from a long time ago, like Jesus.

The writer, Josh Friedman, uses this idea to explore some really deep themes about how the apes are becoming more and more like humans used to be.

A lot is going on in the movie with different characters and events, but it never feels like too much.

Most of the film is pretty straightforward, but things get wild in the last part! This sets up an exciting future for the series.


It might not be the deepest blockbuster ever, but “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” tells a solid story with:

  • Fun surprises
  • Emotional moments
  • A little bit of comedy (but not too much)
  • The same serious feeling as the last few “Apes” movies

We don’t know yet if this will be the start of a new trilogy, but it would be pretty cool if it was!

The Actors

In the last three “Apes” movies, Andy Serkis was the star. He gave an incredible performance as Caesar the ape. But Caesar’s story is over now. So in this new movie, the director Wes Ball found an awesome new lead actor: Owen Teague.

Owen has been in a bunch of TV shows and movies over the last 5 years. “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” is his first really big starring role.


And he nails it! Even though his face is covered in CGI ape effects the whole time, you can still tell it’s him and see the emotion in his performance. Pretty impressive!

Owen plays a young ape named Noa who’s learning about the world outside his village.

His co-star is Freya Allan, who you might know as Cyril from the Netflix show “The Witcher”. She hasn’t been great in “The Witcher”, but in this movie, she shines as a complex character.

Other actors like Kevin Durand and Peter Macon are also excellent in smaller but important roles that fit right into the “Apes” series.


Behind the Camera

Wes Ball is the director of “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes”. This movie is a big step up for him, even though he’s already had some successful films like the “Maze Runner” trilogy. In this “Apes” film, Wes shows he can:

  • Create the perfect mood and pace
  • Visualize incredible action scenes

The movie feels a bit similar in style to the last few “Apes” films directed by Matt Reeves. But even though Wes Ball doesn’t quite have his unique style yet, the movie is paced so well that you hardly even notice. There’s never a dull moment, even in this extra long film.

We also brought in composer John Paesano, who he worked with on the “Maze Runner” movies. John’s music is powerful and emotional, making the ending of the movie even more epic.

Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes Movie Trailer:

Curious to see a preview of “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes”? Check out the trailer on YouTube! Just search for “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes trailer” and it should pop right up.


The Final Verdict

“Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” is proof that this franchise is still going strong after all these years.

It has the same serious tone as the recent “Apes” movies, which makes the idea of apes taking over the planet feel real and believable (not silly or weird).


You feel like the ape characters, even though they’re different from us, have genuine emotions and reasons for what they do.

It’s a fresh start for the series. And if Wes Ball and the studio can keep making “Apes” movies this good, I’ll gladly watch them all!

The movie came out on May 10, 2024. Have you seen it yet? If so, tell us what you think in the comments below!

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