What is The Difference Between La Fitness Signature Club Vs Regular?


When it comes to choosing a gym membership, LA Fitness is one of the most popular options out there. But did you know they have two different types of clubs – Signature and Regular?

As someone who’s been an LA Fitness member for years, I’m here to break down all the key differences between these club types.

What is The Difference Between La Fitness Signature Club Vs Regular?

What is The Difference Between La Fitness Signature Club Vs Regular


By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of which option is the best fit for your fitness needs and budget.


Let’s dive in!

LA Fitness Signature Clubs

First, let’s talk about LA Fitness Signature Clubs. These are the premium, high-end facilities that offer way more than your standard gym. Picture a luxury resort but with state-of-the-art fitness equipment instead of a pool bar. That’s the vibe of Signature Clubs.

So what exactly makes them so special? Here are the highlights:

  • Open 24/7 – work out anytime
  • Top of the line equipment from the best brands
  • Fancy amenities like saunas, steam rooms & whirlpools
  • Indoor AND outdoor heated pools
  • Basketball courts, racquetball courts
  • Spa services like massage & facials (for a fee)
  • Child care center on-site (also for a fee)
  • Cafe with healthy food options

The Signature Clubs are all about giving members the ultimate fitness experience. Along with the facilities, you also get:

  • Expert personal trainers
  • All group fitness classes included
  • Specialty classes like yoga & pilates
  • Nice full locker rooms with towel service

It’s like having your private luxury gym. Of course, this all comes at a higher price than regular clubs, but we’ll get to that later.

Benefits of Signature Clubs

So why shell out the extra cash for a Signature membership? Aside from the fancy facilities, there are some great benefits:

  • Convenience – open anytime so you can always fit in a workout
  • High-end everything – best equipment & amenities
  • All-in-one – everything from weights to pool to basketball
  • VIP treatment – expert staff to help you reach goals
  • Extra perks included classes & childcare

If going to the gym feels like a chore, a Signature Club can make it feel more like a treat. Having so many different activities in one nice spot can help keep you motivated. And the free classes are a huge plus.

Regular LA Fitness Clubs

Now let’s switch gears to the Regular LA Fitness Clubs. These are the standard, no-frills gyms that most people think of with LA Fitness. But that doesn’t mean they’re low-quality by any means.


Here’s what you can expect at Regular clubs:

  • Lots of cardio & strength equipment
  • Free weights & weight machines
  • Lap pools & group swim lanes
  • Group fitness classes included with membership
  • Racquetball & basketball courts
  • Some amenities like saunas

While the facilities are more basic, Regular clubs still have everything you need for a solid workout. The focus is more on the essentials rather than the frills. And you still get the group class access which is great.

Regular Club Benefits

The biggest draw of Regular LA Fitness clubs is the affordability. You get a lot of value for a lower monthly cost than Signature Clubs. Other benefits include:

  • Clean, spacious facilities
  • Variety of equipment for full-body workouts
  • Fun classes to stay motivated
  • Convenient locations nationwide
  • Flexible membership options – single or multi-club
  • Cheaper rates & promo deals

If your main goal is just having a dependable place to get fit, Regular clubs deliver. They’re great for beginners or anyone on a tighter budget. And you can always upgrade later if you decide you want the extra Signature perks.


Signature vs Regular – Key Differences

Alright, time for a side-by-side comparison. Here’s a quick table breaking down the key differences between Signature & Regular clubs:

Factor Signature Clubs Regular Clubs
Hours 24/7 Varies, usually 5 am-11 pm
Cost $$$ $
Equipment High-end brands Standard brands
Amenities Extensive, luxury Basic essentials
Group Classes All included Included
Locker Rooms Towel service BYO towels
Childcare On-site centers Not available

Signature Clubs are fancier & pricier, while Regular Clubs are more basic & affordable. It just depends on your priorities & budget.

Signature vs Regular Prices – 2024 Examples

Speaking of budget, let’s talk real numbers. Here’s an example price breakdown of different LA Fitness membership levels for 2024:

Membership Single Club Multi-Club Signature Multi-Club
Regular $29.99/month $39.99/month N/A
Signature $39.99/month $59.99/month $69.99/month

Quick vocab:

  • Single Club = access to 1 home club only
  • Multi-Club = access to all non-Signature clubs
  • Signature Multi-Club = access to all Signature Clubs nationwide

As you can see, Signature memberships are about 25-50% higher per month than Regular. And if you want multi-club access, it’ll cost even more, especially for Signature.

So expect to pay a decent chunk more for the luxury experience of Signature Clubs vs the budget-friendly basics of Regular Clubs. But for some people, the extras are well worth the cost. It’s all about your personal preferences & finances.

That said, LA Fitness is always running different promo deals for discounted rates or waived fees. Ask about any current offers when you go in to sign up. It never hurts to try & save a few bucks!

LA Fitness Hours & Info – 2024

Before you commit to any gym, it’s smart to go in & get all the details. All LA Fitness clubs have pretty standard hours for membership inquiries:

  • Monday-Friday: 5am to 11pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 7am to 7pm

Whether you visit in person or call during these times, the staff can answer any other questions you have about Signature vs Regular memberships. They can also tell you about the specific amenities at your local club.

And don’t forget to check out the club for yourself before joining! Most locations offer a free trial pass so you can test out the facilities. Signature Clubs often do 3-7 days free, while Regular Clubs typically do 1-3 days.

Taking advantage of a trial is the best way to see if a gym is truly the right fit for you. Pay attention to the vibe, cleanliness, staff friendliness, and equipment quality while you’re there. First impressions can be very telling.

About LA Fitness As a Brand

You may be wondering, what’s so special about LA Fitness in general? They’re seriously everywhere these days. Here are some fast facts about the company:

  • One of the largest gym chains in the US
  • Founded in 1984 in Los Angeles
  • Over 700 locations across the US & Canada
  • Offers a wide variety of fitness experiences for all levels
  • Amenities include weights, cardio, lap pools, sports courts
  • Group fitness classes are a trademark offering
  • Known for clean facilities & friendly community vibe

LA Fitness has grown rapidly thanks to its focus on providing exceptional value for members. They’re constantly upgrading equipment & adding new classes to stay ahead of trends. And cleanliness is a top priority across all locations.

This consistent quality along with the huge variety of fitness options & amenities is what keeps members coming back. LA Fitness does a stellar job at making exercise more fun & accessible for the average person. Hence why they’re crushing the commercial gym game.

Is an LA Fitness Membership Worth It?

As a long-time LA Fitness member, I can honestly say YES – the memberships are 100% worth it. Even the Basic plan at Regular Clubs offers a fantastic value for what you pay. And the Signature Clubs are top-notch if you can spring for the higher price tag.

Here are some of my favorite things about LA Fitness:

  • Squeaky clean facilities I enjoy being in
  • New, well-maintained equipment that’s a dream to use
  • Energizing group fitness classes with HIIT, dance, kickboxing, etc
  • Motivating community atmosphere of friendly members & staff
  • Plenty of amenities so I never get bored (sauna & pool are my fave)
  • Reasonable membership costs that are easy on my budget
  • Convenient locations so I can work out anywhere when traveling

The variety is what keeps me motivated to go consistently. Some days I’m in the mood to lift heavy, other times I want to zen out in yoga class. LA Fitness has it ALL under one roof. I never get stuck in a boring routine.

And the social aspect is awesome. I’ve made real friendships with other members. We cheer each other on & make workouts way more fun together. The positive community vibe is real.

As for the downsides, there aren’t many. Regular Clubs can get a little crowded at peak hours. Childcare/spa services at Signature Clubs do cost extra. But overall the value for cost is unbeatable. Especially with all the membership promotions they run.

Whether you’re a total beginner, casual gym-goer, or hardcore fitness freak – LA Fitness has your back. The memberships are 100% a great investment in your health. You just gotta commit to going!


LA Fitness FAQs:

Still, have Qs? I got you. Here are answers to some common queries about LA Fitness Signature vs Regular memberships:

Are LA Fitness Signature Clubs open 24 hours?

  • Yep – one of the biggest Signature perks is 24/7 club access. Regular clubs usually open 5 am-11 pm instead. So night owls, take note.

Do all LA Fitness locations have Signature Clubs?

  • Negative. Signature Clubs are only at select high-end locations. Use the Club Finder tool on the LA Fitness site & filter for “Signature” to see which ones are near you.

What is included with a Regular LA Fitness membership?

  • All the basics like cardio equipment, free weights, fitness classes, lap pools, and sports courts. Plus access to 700+ total clubs nationwide. The only thing not included is fancier Signature amenities.

Does a Signature membership provide more free amenities?

  • Sure does. Along with the standard gym stuff, Signature members get towel service, saunas, steam rooms, more pool access, & even free yoga/pilates classes. More bang for your buck.

Is a Signature membership way more expensive?

  • It’s not CRAZY expensive but yes, expect to pay about 25-50% more per month for that luxury life. Especially if adding other family members. But still a solid deal considering all the freebies.

What gym equipment brands do LA Fitness clubs have?

  • Mostly Precor, Life Fitness, and Hammer Strength – all super reputable commercial brands built to last. Signature Clubs often have even more high-end brands too like Woodway & Technogym for the ultimate workout experience.

Can I pay for membership monthly or yearly?

  • Totally up to you. LA Fitness has flexible payment plans so you can go month-to-month or prepay a year upfront for a slight discount. They make it super easy.

Do LA Fitness memberships automatically renew?

  • Yep, most memberships auto-renew monthly so you never have to worry about losing gym access. If you need to cancel for any reason, just give 30 days’ notice so you don’t get charged again.

Can I pause or cancel my LA Fitness membership if needed?

  • Absolutely. Life happens, LA Fitness gets it. You can freeze your account for up to 6 months for a small fee per month. To fully cancel, just put in a request on the website or with your club 30 days before you want it to end. Easy as that!

Is childcare free with LA Fitness memberships?

  • Only for Signature members – Regular members have to pay a small hourly or package rate to use it. But hey, still super convenient to have that option right at the gym. Def a perk for parents.

The Final Word on LA Fitness Memberships


Phew, are you still with me? We covered a TON of info here. Hopefully, you have a much better idea now of whether an LA Fitness Signature or Regular membership is right for you & your wallet.

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In a nutshell:

  • Go with a Signature Club if you want ultimate luxury, convenience & amenities.
  • Go with a Regular Club if you want an amazingly affordable, high-quality gym.

But whichever you choose, you truly can’t go wrong. LA Fitness is hands-down one of the best value gym chains out there. Your body & mind will thank you for joining.


The most important thing is to pick a gym you enjoy going to. So take advantage of those free trials & get a feel for your local clubs. Pay attention to the cleanliness, equipment quality, staff vibe, & class offerings.

And remember, consistency is key above all! It doesn’t matter if you belong to the fanciest Signature Club if you never go. Make a realistic routine you can stick with at first, then build on it. LA Fitness will be with you every step of the way.

Trust me, investing in your health is SO worth it. You’re gonna feel stronger, happier, and more energized than ever. So take that first step & sign up for an LA Fitness membership ASAP! Your future self will be glad you did.

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