Stichting Bouwresearch: Building a Better Netherlands


Hey there! Have you ever wondered how buildings in the Netherlands got so cool and smart? Well, a big part of that story is thanks to a group called Stichting Bouwresearch. Don’t worry if you can’t say it – we’ll just call it SBR for short.


SBR has been around for a long time, helping make Dutch buildings better, safer, and more awesome. They’re like the brainy friends who always have good ideas about how to build stuff.

In this article, we’re going to chat about SBR and why they’re such a big deal in the Netherlands.

Stichting Bouwresearch: Building a Better Netherlands

Stichting Bouwresearch



So, grab a comfy seat, and let’s dive into the world of Dutch building know-how!

The Birth of SBR: How It All Began?

Imagine it’s 1959. The Netherlands is still fixing things up after a big war. People need homes and buildings, but they want them to be better than before.

That’s when some smart folks said, “Hey, we need a group to help us build better!” And boom – Stichting Bouwresearch was born.

Why SBR Was Needed?

  • Post-War Rebuild: The country needed to build a lot, and fast.
  • New Ideas Wanted: Old ways of building weren’t good enough anymore.
  • Help for Small Builders: Little companies need big knowledge.

The Early Days

SBR started small in Rotterdam. It was like a club for people who loved thinking about buildings.


They had a big job: make Dutch buildings the best they could be.

Key People

One important guy was Herman Witte. He used to be a minister (that’s like a big boss in the government). He helped SBR grow and become super important.

Growing and Changing

As time went on, SBR got bigger and smarter. They moved to a place called Delft, which is famous for smart building stuff.

They also changed their name a few times:

  1. Started as Stichting Bouwresearch.
  2. Became known as SBR.
  3. Later called SBRCURnet.

Each change made them even better at helping builders.

SBR’s Big Ideas: What They Taught Us About Building?

SBR didn’t just sit around thinking about buildings. They came up with tons of cool ideas that changed how things are built in the Netherlands.

Let’s look at some of their best work:

1. Safety First

SBR helped make rules to keep buildings safe. They thought about things like:

  • How to make sure buildings don’t fall down
  • Ways to stop fires from spreading
  • Making sure workers don’t get hurt

2. Energy Smarts

They figured out how to make buildings use less energy. This means:

  • Warmer homes in winter
  • Cooler homes in summer
  • Lower energy bills for everyone

3. Green Building

SBR was thinking about the planet before it was cool. They came up with ways to:

  • Use materials that don’t hurt nature
  • Build houses that work with the environment
  • Recycle building stuff instead of throwing it away

4. Better Building Techniques

They didn’t just think about what to build, but how to build it. This includes:

  • Faster ways to put up buildings
  • Tricks to make buildings last longer
  • Ideas to make building less noisy and messy

5. Solving Tricky Problems

Whenever builders had a tough question, SBR was there to help. Like:

  • How to build on soggy ground (remember, the Netherlands has lots of water!)
  • Ways to make old buildings new again
  • Ideas for buildings that can change as people’s needs change

6. Sharing the Smarts

One of the best things SBR did was share what they learned. They:

  • Wrote easy-to-read guides for builders
  • Held classes to teach new skills
  • Made sure even small companies could learn big ideas

Team Players: How SBR Worked with Others?

SBR knew that to make buildings better, they needed to work with lots of different people. They were like the captain of a team, bringing everyone together to score goals in the building world.

Who Did They Work With?

  • Universities: SBR teamed up with smart people at schools to learn new things about building.
  • Government: They helped make rules that made sure buildings were safe and good for everyone.
  • Companies: Big and small building companies shared their ideas with SBR.
  • Other Experts: People who knew about things like the environment or new materials worked with SBR too.

How Did They Work Together?

  1. Sharing Ideas: SBR set up meetings where everyone could talk about building stuff.
  2. Big Projects: They worked on big jobs that needed lots of different experts.
  3. Learning and Teaching: SBR learned from others and then taught what they learned to more people.
  4. Solving Problems: When there was a tricky building problem, SBR got everyone together to fix it.

Why Was This Teamwork Important?

Working together helped make buildings in the Netherlands:

  • Safer
  • Cheaper to build
  • Better for people to live and work in
  • Kinder to the planet

A Big Team-Up: SBR and CUR

One of the biggest team-ups was when SBR joined forces with another group called CUR. CUR was all about building big things like bridges and roads.


When they came together, they became even better at helping with all kinds of building projects.

Making a Difference: How SBR Changed Building in the Netherlands

SBR didn’t just talk about making buildings better – they did it! Let’s look at how they changed things in the Netherlands.

Better Buildings for Everyone

Thanks to SBR:

  • Houses became more comfy to live in
  • Offices got safer and nicer to work in
  • Schools, hospitals, and shops all got upgrades

Helping the Little Guys

SBR made sure that even small building companies could:

  • Learn about new ways to build
  • Use the latest ideas and tools
  • Compete with bigger companies

Saving Money and Time

SBR’s ideas helped:

  • Build things faster
  • Use less material (which saves money)
  • Make buildings that last longer

Caring for the Planet

Buildings in the Netherlands became:

  • More energy-efficient (using less power)
  • Friendlier to nature
  • Built with stuff that doesn’t harm the environment

Making the Netherlands Famous

Because of SBR:

  • Dutch buildings became known as some of the best in the world
  • Other countries started asking the Netherlands for building advice
  • The Netherlands became a leader in smart building ideas

Keeping Everyone Safe

SBR’s work on safety meant:

  • Fewer accidents on building sites
  • Safer buildings during storms or emergencies
  • Better protection against fires

Creating Jobs

By pushing for new ideas, SBR helped:

  • Create new types of jobs in building
  • Keep the building industry growing
  • Make building an exciting field to work in

What’s Next? The Future of SBR and Building in the Netherlands

SBR has done a lot, but they’re not done yet! Let’s peek into the future and see what might be coming next.

New Challenges, New Ideas

  1. Climate Change: • How to make buildings that can handle wilder weather • Ways to build that don’t hurt the planet
  2. Smart Buildings: • Houses that can think for themselves • Buildings that talk to each other
  3. New Materials: • Finding stuff to build with that’s super strong but light • Using materials that can fix themselves when they get damaged
  4. Building for Everyone: • Making sure buildings work well for old people and young people • Creating spaces that make people feel happy and healthy

Working Together Even More

SBR wants to team up with even more people:

  • Kids who have fresh ideas about buildings.
  • People from other countries share cool building tricks.
  • Anyone with a good idea about how to make buildings better.

Teaching the Next Generation

SBR is thinking about how to:

  • Get young people excited about building
  • Teach new builders all the cool stuff they’ve learned
  • Keep learning new things as the world changes

Using New Tech

SBR is looking at:

  • How computers can help design better buildings
  • Using robots to help build things
  • Virtual reality to test buildings before they’re built

Solving Big Problems

SBR wants to help with:

  • Making homes for everyone, even as cities get bigger
  • Building things that can float as sea levels rise
  • Finding ways to make old buildings as good as new ones

The Big Picture: Why SBR Matters?

As we wrap up our chat about SBR, let’s think about why they’re such a big deal.

They Make Life Better

Thanks to SBR:

  • We have safer, comfier places to live and work
  • Buildings use less energy, which is good for our wallets and the planet
  • The Netherlands is known for having awesome buildings

They Bring People Together

SBR shows us that:

  • When people work together, they can do amazing things
  • Sharing ideas makes everyone smarter
  • Even small companies can make a big difference

They Keep Us Moving Forward

Because of SBR:

  • The Netherlands keeps getting better at building
  • New ideas are always welcome
  • The future of buildings looks exciting

They Solve Problems

SBR has helped:

  • Figure out how to build in tricky places (like where there’s lots of water)
  • Make buildings that last a long time
  • Keep people safe in their homes and workplaces

They Inspire Others

SBR shows:

  • It’s cool to be smart about building
  • One group can change a whole country
  • There’s always room for new ideas


Got questions? We’ve got answers!

  • Q: What was SBR trying to do?

A: SBR wanted to make building in the Netherlands better. They came up with new ideas and helped people build safer, cooler buildings.

  • Q: Who started SBR?

A: A guy named Herman Witte was a big part of starting SBR. He used to work for the government and thought buildings could be better.

  • Q: Was SBR the only group doing this?

A: Nope! There was another group called CUR that worked on big things like bridges. SBR and CUR later joined up to be even better.

  • Q: Where did SBR start?

A: SBR began in Rotterdam, a big city in the Netherlands. Later, they moved to a place called Delft, which is famous for smart building ideas.

  • Q: How did SBR help builders?

A: SBR gave builders new ideas, taught them cool tricks, and helped them solve tough problems. They made sure even small building companies could learn big things.

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Wrapping It Up: The SBR Story


So there you have it – the story of Stichting Bouwresearch, or SBR. From its start way back in 1959 to today, SBR has been the brain behind many of the cool buildings you see in the Netherlands.

They’ve done so much:

  • Made buildings safer and comfier.
  • Helped the planet by making greener buildings.
  • Brought smart people together to solve big problems.
  • Kept the Netherlands at the top of the building game.

And the best part? They’re not done yet. SBR is still out there, thinking up new ways to make buildings even better.

So next time you’re in the Netherlands and you see a super cool building, remember – SBR probably had something to do with it. They’re the unsung heroes of the building world, making life better one brick at a time.


There you have it – the story of SBR and how they helped make the Netherlands a super cool place to build things. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll use some of SBR’s ideas to build something awesome too!

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