Sydney Sweeney’s Acting Coach Says She’s a Talented Actress, Not a Supermodel


You know Sydney Sweeney, right?


The rising star who’s been making waves in Tinseltown with her incredible performances?

Well, it turns out that not everyone is a fan of this talented actress.

Sydney Sweeney's Acting Coach Says She's a Talented Actress, Not a Supermodel

Credit: CNN


A Hollywood producer recently dared to slam Sydney’s talent and looks! Can you believe it?

Scott Sedita Comes to Sydney’s Defense

Scott Sedita Comes to Sydney's Defense

Credit: IMDB

But fear not, my friends, because Scott Sedita from Scott Sedita Acting Studios is here to set the record straight.

Scott, who happens to be Sydney’s former acting coach, told TMZ that Sydney is a well-trained actress who started her career when she was just a teenager.


While he agrees that Sydney doesn’t have “supermodel” good looks, he says that she’s beautiful for a myriad of other reasons.

“Sydney is beautiful because she has inner depth, intellect, compassion, style, and facial features eyes, smile, and cheekbones that the camera angles pick up on,” Scott explained.

“The camera loves her ‘look’ as well as the audience. Audiences love her because she’s relatable and approachable.”

Carol Baum’s Disparaging Remarks

Now, let’s talk about the Hollywood producer who started this whole mess. Carol Baum publicly stated that Sydney wasn’t pretty or talented after watching her hit rom-com, “Anyone But You.” Ouch! That’s gotta hurt, especially coming from another female producer.


But Sydney’s rep wasn’t about to let that slide. They clapped back at Carol, slamming her for publicly tearing down another female producer.

After all, Sydney produced both “Anyone But You” and “Immaculate,” so Carol was essentially ripping into one of her own.

Sydney’s Resilience and Determination

Scott, who coached Sydney at the start of her career, isn’t worried that his former student will take the criticism to heart.


He says that Sydney has been through the ups and downs of this business and that she’s a serious actress who knows how to handle feedback and critique.

“She processes it, uses her acting technique, and makes the adjustment,” Scott explained.

He even compared Sydney’s approach to acting to Caitlin Clark‘s approach to basketball, saying that both are doing what’s necessary to be wildly successful.

And there you have it, folks! The inside scoop on the latest Hollywood drama. As the saying goes, tough times never last, but tough people do.


And if there’s one thing we know about Sydney Sweeney, it’s that she’s one tough cookie who’s not going to let anyone bring her down.

Until next time, my friends! Keep your eyes peeled for more juicy entertainment news.


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