Best Electric Cars Under Rs 10 Lakhs in India 2024


Are you looking for an affordable electric car in India? You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll explore the best electric cars under ₹10 lakhs that are perfect for budget-conscious buyers who want to make the switch to eco-friendly transportation.

As more and more people become environmentally conscious, the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is on the rise.

Fortunately, the Indian automotive industry is keeping up with this trend, and there are now several cheap EV options available in the market.


The Indian government is also supporting the adoption of electric cars through various initiatives and incentives. This has created a favorable environment for the growth of the EV market in India.

Best Electric Cars Under Rs 10 Lakhs in India 2024


So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list of the best electric cars under ₹10 lakhs in India!

List of Best Electric Cars Under ₹10 Lakhs in India

Here’s a table summarizing the top EV choices under ₹10 lakhs:

S.No. Name of Modal Ex-Showroom Price of the Model
1. Strom Motors R3 Starting ₹4.50 Lakh
2. MG Comet EV Starting ₹6.99 Lakh
3. Tata Tiago EV Starting ₹7.99 Lakh
4. Tata Xpres-T EV Starting ₹9.54 Lakh

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these electric cars and what they have to offer.

Strom Motors R3 (Starting ₹4.50 Lakh)

Strom Motors R3

About Strom Motors R3

The Strom Motors R3 is a compact and lightweight electric hatchback that comes with a host of stylish features.

This two-seater car offers:

  • Automatic transmission
  • Keyless entry
  • Power windows
  • Navigation

Its small size makes it easy to maneuver and park in tight city spaces. The R3 also boasts a spacious 550-litre boot, making it practical for daily use.

Environmentally-conscious drivers will love this car’s eco-friendly features.

Features and Specifications of Strom Motors R3

Feature Details
Car Model Strom Motors R3
Segment Hatchback
Seating Capacity 2 passengers
Transmission Automatic
Drive Modes Three
Key Features Keyless entry, power windows, navigation
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2907 mm x 1510 mm x 1572 mm
Kerb Weight 550 kg
Wheelbase 185 mm
Boot Space 550 litres
Eco-Friendliness Electric

Key Specifications of Strom Motors R3

  1. Battery Capacity: 6 kWh
  2. Maximum Power: 20.11 BHP
  3. Maximum Torque: 90 Nm
  4. Range: 200 km per full charge
  5. Max Speed: 125 kmph
  6. Brake Type: No ABS: Front – Hydraulic disc, Rear – Drum
  7. Variants: 2

MG Comet EV (Starting ₹6.99 Lakh)

MG Comet EV

About MG Comet EV

The MG Comet EV is a compact electric vehicle that’s perfect for city life. Its stylish design is sure to turn heads while still being practical for daily use.


Powered by an electric motor, the Comet EV offers smooth acceleration and supports the trend towards eco-friendly transportation.

This EV provides a comfortable interior for passengers, making it ideal for commutes or running errands around the city.

It comes equipped with advanced technology and safety features, such as:

  • Connectivity options
  • Driver assistance systems

These features ensure a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.


The MG Comet EV represents a step towards sustainable transportation, offering an attractive option for urban drivers who prioritize efficiency and style.

Features and Specifications of MG Comet EV

Feature Details
Vehicle Model Mahindra e2o Plus
Type Hatchback
Seating Capacity Four
Power Source 210 AH lithium-ion battery
Transmission Direct-drive without a clutch
Regenerative Braking Yes (first in India)
Acceleration (0-60 km/h) Fourteen seconds
Top Speed Up to eighty kilometres per hour
Suitability Perfect for navigating busy city streets, offers excellent fuel efficiency

Key Specifications of MG Comet EV

  1. Battery Capacity: 17.3 kWh
  2. Maximum Power: 41.42 bhp
  3. Maximum Torque: 110 Nm
  4. Range: 230 km
  5. Max Speed: 100 Kmph
  6. Brake Type: Front: Disc, Rear: Drum
  7. Variants: 3

Tata Tiago EV (Starting ₹7.99 Lakh)

Tata Tiago EV

About Tata Tiago EV

The Tata Tiago EV is an affordable and reliable electric vehicle that seats 5 passengers, making it one of the best electric cars under 10 lakh.

It runs on battery power, providing an environmentally friendly mode of transportation without compromising on performance.


The Tiago EV comes with convenient features like:

  • Multi-function steering wheel
  • Power-adjustable exterior rearview mirror
  • Touchscreen display

These features enhance the overall driving experience.

With seven different variants available, the Tata Tiago EV offers a wide range of options to suit customers’ needs and preferences.

It’s a cost-effective choice for those looking to transition to electric mobility.


Features and Specifications of Tata Tiago EV

Feature Details
Vehicle Model Tata Tiago EV
Seating Capacity 5
Power Source Battery
Features Multi-function steering wheel, power-adjustable exterior rearview mirror, touchscreen display
Variants Seven
Suitability Ideal choice for budget-friendly yet dependable electric vehicle

Key Specifications of Tata Tiago EV

  1. Battery Capacity: 21.5 kWh
  2. Maximum Power: 41.5 PS
  3. Maximum Torque: 105 Nm
  4. Range: 213 km per full charge
  5. Max Speed: 120 kmph
  6. Brake Type: ABS: Front – Ventilated Disc, Rear – Drum
  7. Variants: 5

Tata Xpres-T EV (Starting ₹9.54 Lakh)

Tata Xpres-T EV

About Tata Xpres-T EV

The Tata Xpres-T EV, one of the best EV cars in India under 10 lakhs, offers an impressive array of features.

This five-seater car includes safety features such as:

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Central locking system for doors
  • Two airbags on the front seats

It also offers convenience features like:

  • Automatic headlamps on/off function
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Cruise control

The Tata Xpres-T EV provides a pleasant driving experience with its single-speed transmission and adjustable steering. It even has a sports mode for added excitement.

The car’s robust suspension system, consisting of an independent dual wishbone in the front and coil spring with a McPherson strut at the rear, ensures stability and comfort on the road.

Features and Specifications of Tata Xpres-T EV

Feature Details
Vehicle Model Tata Motors’ Xpres-T EV
Safety Features Anti-lock brakes, central locking, two airbags, electronic brake-force distribution
Convenience Features Automatic headlamps, tire pressure monitoring system, cruise control
Transmission Single-speed
Steering Adjustable
Driving Modes Sports mode
Seating Capacity 5-seat sedan
Suspension Independent dual wishbone (front), coil spring with McPherson strut (rear)
Brakes Front disc brakes, rear drum brakes
Suitability An affordable vehicle with comprehensive features

Key Specifications of Tata Xpres-T EV

  1. Battery Capacity: 21.5 kWh
  2. Maximum Power: 30 KW
  3. Maximum Torque: 105 Nm
  4. Range: 213 km per full charge
  5. Max Speed: Not available
  6. Brake Type: ABS: Front – Disc, Rear – Drum
  7. Variants: 4

FAQs about Electric Cars under ₹10 Lakhs in India:

  • Q: Are electric cars reliable?

A: Yes, modern electric cars are very reliable. They have fewer moving parts compared to traditional gasoline cars, which means less wear and tear and lower maintenance costs.

  • Q: How long does it take to charge an electric car?

A: Charging times vary depending on the car model and the type of charger used. With a standard home charger, it can take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours for a full charge. Fast chargers can significantly reduce this time.

  • Q: What is the range of electric cars under ₹10 lakhs?

A: The range of electric cars under ₹10 lakhs varies from model to model. On average, you can expect a range of around 200-250 km on a single charge.

  • Q: Are there enough charging stations for electric cars in India?

A: The number of charging stations in India is growing rapidly. Many cities now have public charging points, and the government is actively promoting the development of EV infrastructure.

  • Q: Are electric cars more expensive than traditional cars?

A: The upfront cost of electric cars may be higher than that of traditional cars. However, in the long run, electric cars can be more cost-effective due to lower fuel and maintenance costs.



Electric cars are no longer just for the wealthy. Thanks to increased competition and government support, there are now many affordable EV options available in India, with several electric cars under 10 lakhs.

This list includes a diverse range of cars, from the budget-friendly Tata Tiago EV to the city-centric MG Comet EV and the SUV-styled Citroen eC3.

Each car comes with its own unique set of features and range to cater to different consumer needs.

So, if you’re looking to make the switch to electric mobility while staying within a budget, these electric cars are excellent choices for a greener and more sustainable future.


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